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Featured Senior Session :: Heather Todd Photography

Your Full Name : Heather Todd
Business Name: Heather Todd Photography
Location (City, State): Murray, Kentucky
I am inspired by all things vintage, unique and fun.  I love polka dots & laughter, cupcakes & cameras. I love to be comfy… in sweatpants, & curled up with a blanket. I love the country… the quiet, the wildflowers, & the blue skies with big puffy clouds.  I love being a wife & mother to my sweet husband and my darling little girl! They are my everything!   I love natural light photography & do a lot of on location shoots! I became a photographer because I love to see people smile & I wanted to be able to deliver a product that would make them happy for years to come. I absolutely love what I do! Sometimes I wonder what ‘type’ of photography I like the best, but seniors are always very close to my heart! It’s such an amazing time for these young people. They have basically done the same thing all their life & suddenly, they are about to embark on this whole new journey!
This particular session was fun from the very beginning! I will never forget the conversation that I had while planning it, nothing really could have prepared me for what she was about to ask! Laiken looked at me & says “Okay, I have this crazy idea, you know how my brother Austin races Motocross, right? Well, I want an image of me holding a class of 2013 sign, while he’s jumping over me on his bike”.  My response was immediately “You want to do what? Have you talked to your mom about this??” She says “Oh yeah! She said if you were okay with it, she was too.” Talk about pressure. 😉 The resulting image was everything she wanted & then some. Austin actually had a friend with him that day, so there’s not 1 but 2 motorcycles jumping over her in perfect harmony. This motocross family was instantly in love! Laiken also likes to travel & be outdoors so our next stop was our local airport where we did a vintage style shoot with a 1940’s airplane that was there, afterwards we wrapped up her session at her families farm. I think the cool thing about seniors are that they are so adventurous & up for anything. I’m thankful for Laiken & her desire to push me out of my own box. I got jumped over by motorcycles that day too, & I’l have to admit, there’s nothing really quite like it.:)


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Featured Senior Session :: KE Photography

Kari Elliott

Business Name: KE Photography

Location (City, Sate): Sterling, VA

Website Address:

Facebook Page Address: 

This is Rebecca, a full of personality beautiful senior.  When this senior contacted me about doing her photos, I practically fell out of my chair.   She is absolutely stunning and It was a great pleasure to photograph and take her Senior portraits.  The session went so smooth and she was super fun to photograph.  The best part was that she was so versatile….moving from locations and changing outfits to fit the scene was so easy for her!! These photos were taken in various parts of Norfolk, VA.
I am 24 (not married and zero children). Some random things about me are that I always have colored hair (its hot pink right now but changing soon) and I love piercings and tattoos.  The craziest thing about me though is I LOVE cars and I have a sports car that I am so obsessed with and driving manual is my favorite thing to do.  I have two cats named Sonic and Tails which are my kids until further notice.  For now, photography remains my part time job and I work with Elementary school aged children for my full time job.  I am making my dream become a reality by working toward going full time with photography.
Photography was pretty much an accident. It all started with a Sociology research class and I never dreamed of getting to where I am today but I would not change it for the world.  Photography was not even close to being in my future plans but now I am addicted.   I have a blast photographing and photographing seniors is my absolute favorite!  If I knew anything about photography when I was a senior I would have gone to someone local because my photos were terrible.  So having a terrible experience is really what started me on senior portraiture and I feel like that is a type of session that you can be so creative with!   I personalize each session to fit my senior’s personalities and style while going against the norm.
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Trina | Montana Senior Photographer - April 2, 2013 - 11:23 am

Love the flower portrait! Its classic!

Featured Senior Session :: Morgan Werner Photography

Morgan Werner Photography
Sacramento, CA
I had this vision in my head for a photo shoot with a pretty, fair-skinned, blonde girl in the snow. So, together with my photography BFF, Susanne Ashby, we made it happen! Susanne had a model engaged couple, and I found my senior, Sarah, who was perfect for the session. We shot in the Sierra Nevadas of California, just southwest of Truckee. 
I had envisioned an overcast day for soft, calm lighting in the snow, because I was worried about dealing with glare from the sun on the white snow on a sunny day. Instead, we got blue skies with not a cloud in sight. We were nervous about the sunlight, but the snow actually acted as a natural reflector and shooting in full sunlight was amazing! We used a couple reflectors when needed, especially to shade the models when the sun was too harsh. I totally strayed from my original vision of a moody, calm, enchanted feel to the session, which I had planned to edit in a matte style. What resulted was a fun-loving, playful atmosphere with lots of laughing and smiling shots of Sarah. I love how you can totally hear her laugh through the photos! 
This was my first shoot of 2013, and it really set the bar high for the year. It couldn’t have turned out more perfectly! I feel like this session really personifies my style and shows what my senior sessions are like: playful and fun-loving, with lots of goofing off and laughing, and a few serious shots in between.


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Kelly - March 25, 2013 - 8:06 am

LOVE these! The colors are so gorgeous and the light is amazing! Love how natural the “poses” are – great work!! :)

Trina | Montana Senior Portraiture - March 25, 2013 - 11:17 am

Stunning all the way around! Great variation in ideas and poses! Love love love!

John Parli Photo - March 25, 2013 - 1:41 pm

Diggin’ em! Very fun and energetic! Keep up the great work!

Mike Z - Gizmo Photography - March 30, 2013 - 7:49 pm

This set is outstanding! Very nice work!

Liz Zimbelman - April 1, 2013 - 9:02 pm

So proud of you Morgan!